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300 meets Gladiator meets Rome.

Coming to Starz, Jan 2010.

08/09 TV Series

It was recently pointed out to me that because I talk about a lot of different television programmes I watch, its hard to know which are actual recommendations. So with that in mind I decided to make a list of fav programmes …

First thing I did is remove 24, Heroes, Lost, and Prison Break. These are hugely high profile programmes, and if you own a television you already have your own opinion. After that I removed all series which I didn’t watch in their entirety this season. Some of those dropped were cos they weren’t good enough, and others I’ve promised to come back to. But bottom line, if I haven’t watched it all at this stage …. then obviously I’ve got something against it.

So everything remaining deserves at least a passing grade. After all I did watch the whole season(s). So only D’s and above awarded here.

Finally I went for a spot of banding. Note, in the main grades have been awarded for the programme in its entirety and not just the 08/09 season.

Obviously its completely subjective, and everyone’s gonna have their own opinion (not least depending on the kinds of tv programmes they like). But here we have …

Mo’s 08/09 TV Series Ladder

A+ : Battlestar Galactica (finished), Dexter, Entourage, How I met your Mother.
A : Dollhouse, Terminator : Sarah Conor Chronicles (finished), The Unit (finished),
B+ : Criminal Minds, Smallville, Greek, Chuck, Sons of Anarchy
B : The Mentalist, True Blood, The Big Bang Theory, Eli Stone (finished)
C+ : United States of Tara, Eleventh Hour (finished), Castle, Fringe
C : Leverage, Lie to Me, Party Down, Dirty Sexy Money (finished), Gary Unmarried,
D : Gossip Girl, Southland, 90210, Privileged (finished), Knight Rider (finished)