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So I finally bit the bullet (or drank the coolaid depending on your viewpoint) and signed up to LinkedIn – and I have to admit I think its pretty cool.

For anyone who doesn’t know, LinkedIn is essentially a professional/business social networking site designed to allow you to manage your professional circle. (think facebook for people with jobs!). You can invite anyone you know to join your circle, and in return that (usually) gives you access to that persons circle – and so on.

Certainly of more use to people in certain types of jobs that others, though that said its probably a site which every professional should consider signing up to.

Whats on my IPhone … ?

Here’s a sneaky peek at what apps are currently installed on my iPhone. Though beware, Just cos its on my phone doesn’t exactly mean its any good :)

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Three hours in a car-park

So I arrived back to the tesco’s car park (in finglas) to collect my car after work, only to find that I had a flat. Ahhh balls.

After smoking a wistful cigarette, I got stuck into the task at hand. It took me at least 25 minutes to get the car up on the jack (only later would I learn that I was failing to attach a quite useful bit to help with all the turning), and another 10 or 15 minutes to get the nuts off. (One was a security nut which had me all confounded, and the other four ultimately required the heel of my boot to get started).

Excellent, now to pop off the flat and pop on the spare. *honest*

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